There are 5 locations for sale each make on average $125 net profit per month. They are asking $9,000 for all of them. I am thinking to offer $6,000. Do you think it is a good price? Machines are old. I honestly do not know the make and model. They are all combo machines.

Hey all, I am so confused about HealthyYou Vending. I have a small gumball machine business and it give me a bit of a profit. I have had this route for about 3 years now. I started it on my own with a few gumball and bulk vending machines. It was hard to expand it but I did it as a hobby and my son likes feeling them up and counting the money :) It has been a great educational tool to teach him business and how money is made. Now I am thinking tapping into bigger machines and healthy vending f...

Who Knows UNFI?

Linda - 11/02/2017

I started a healthy vending route and I have heard a lot about UNFI. Although it is really hard to get into them since you have to order a lot to get free shipments. I am very curious how their pricing is. Anybody working with them?

I was told a lot that I can make a lot of money with few hours of work. Well I make a bit now but I had heard from here and there that some people make $700-1,200 a month per vending machines. I adjusted my goals after a while since my vending machines where not able to generate that much. Therefore I set my goal at $500/vending machine but my best location max out $400 and it is really hard to even get to the $400. I was wondering how everybody else is doing.

Hi All, I am new to vending and I have had a few conversations with HealthyYOU Vending franchise. I am a nutritionist and I love the idea of healthy vending and I am so passionate about it. I have talked to a few of the HealthyYOU Vending operators. They seem to be very happy. The only hesitation I have is that I have never had a business of my own. This business seems very straight forward though and has a very good return on investment as well. Even better I do not need to leave my job and I...

Used Vending Machines for Sale in Los Angeles

Are you a vending machine operator who is in need of buying a used vending machine in the Los Angeles in order to expand your vending route? If so, ve

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