Buying new or used vending machines in California? (A Brief look at California Vending Laws)

Are you thinking about starting a vending machine business in California by buying used vending machines or maybe through a vending franchise? If so, the first step is to learn about California rules and regulations for vending operators.
The best place to learn about vending machine regulations in California is California Board of Equalization. The following list summarizes the most important factors listed on California Board of Equalization that you need to consider regarding vending machine business in California:

Vending machine operators need seller’s permits

A vending machine operator usually needs one seller permit for his business regardless of the number of vending machines he owns. However, there are always exceptions regarding seller’s permit. For more information you may click here.


Vending machines sales and tax in California

Selling food through vending machines is partially taxable in the state of California. Filing your taxes properly is a crucial component of your business. A vending machine operator may need to consult an accountant, but for basic information on how it works you may click here.

Different tax districts in California

The state of California tax rate is 7.25%. In most areas of California, local jurisdictions have added district taxes to the state tax. This increases the tax owed by a vending machine operator in different districts. These district taxes may increase the rates from 0.10% to 1.00% . Moreover, in some areas more than one district tax might have been in effect. For more information you may click here.

After investigating the laws for operating a vending machine business in California, it is time to choose how to start your business. You may decide to purchase new vending machines, used vending machines or even join a healthy vending franchise. Although there are a lot of rumors about vending machine business being an easy route to passive income, like any other business, competition is tough among vending machine operators in the state of California. Some of toughest areas to operate a business in California include Los Angeles county, Orange County and San Francisco area. With all that said, with a clear business plan and enough investigation success is never out of reach.

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