Gumball Machines or Snack and Soda Vending Machines

Gumball vending machines are usually ignored in the vending industry. Vending experts usually don’t take a gumball vending business seriously. In general, it is believed that there is more profit in snack, food, soda vending machines, and micro markets compared to gumball machines. However, there is a big chance that the norm of gumball vending machines not being profitable is a myth. The truth is that there is an equal opportunity in the gumball machine niche. Read the following to find out why we think gumball machines deserve more credit from vending experts.



1- Gumball products’ shelf life

Products that are usually vended from a gumball vending machine have an expiration date of 2 years. Compare this to 2-3 months shelf life for chips or 30 days shelf life for food products. Long shelf life translates to less loss from expired slow moving items.

2- Capacity of a gumball machines

You might be able to fill a gumball vending machine with 600 to 4000 gumballs or other products. For that reason your numbers of visits to your vending locations will be minimal and sometimes only once a year. Snack and soda vending machines have to be serviced every 1 to 4 weeks.


Gumball vending machine
Gumball machines can be very profitable!


3- Little investment to start a gumball vending route

Although a gumball machine generates less revenue, at the same time the initial investment is significantly lower. With minimal budget you can start a gumball vending machine business. Used gumball machines can be found under $100. With this level of investment, you have the opportunity to start your gumball machine business with a couple of hundreds of dollars and eventually expand it if you find this to be the right business for you.

4- Easy location procurement

Finding locations is the number one reason vending operators fail. Big vending companies have dominated the market and it is very hard for smaller vending companies to find profitable locations. Moreover, location decision makers are stricter about which companies to let in their business. However, when it comes to gumball vending machines they are not as strict and the process can be done easily. Usually gumball machines can be placed into businesses quickly and easily. You do not even need a huge location with over 100 employees to justify placing a machine. This makes your target market even bigger than regular vending machines and any small shop can make you some profit.

5- Gumball machines are more durable

Since gumball vending machines are mostly mechanical and have simple designs, they last longer and need little to no maintenance. On the other hand, full size vending machines have a lot of mechanical and electrical parts. This creates the need for regular maintenance over time. Even if a gumball machine needs maintenance, it is usually a pretty easy fix and you can do it on your own instead of spending money on vending machine repair companies.

If you feel the interest in starting a gumball vending business, check out our website for pricing ideas on new and used gumball machines for sale.

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